Scarborough SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing Patient Experience)

Scarborough SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing Patient Experience) helps primary care providers to navigate a wide range of hospital and community services and resources. Our program is a partnership between Scarborough Health Network (SHN) and Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC) that features an interprofessional team of experts and specialists. Together, we work collaboratively with primary care providers to support, treat and care for patients and families. Since its launch, SCOPE has helped many patients avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and get the care they need sooner.

Scarborough SCOPE has expanded to include diagnostic imaging and mental health

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Ocean e-Referral

Ocean eReferral is continuing to expand in Scarborough with the support of SFPN and SOHT. e-Referral allows you to send referrals quickly and receive updates within your EMR.

Ocean eReferral is offered with change management services for adoption and implementation at no cost to family physicians and nurse practitioners.

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Click here to see a list of specialists accepting Ocean eReferrals in Central East region.

Online Appointment Booking (OAB)

Online appointment booking (OAB) solutions improves access to family doctors and nurse practitioners. It allows patients to book appointments electronically, and receive automated appointment confirmation and reminders. OAB can reduce no-shows and reduce administrative burden for clinics.

Funding is available to cover licensing and change management to adopt OAB.  

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Remote Care Monitoring Program for Frail Seniors

The RCM program (designed using the Geriatric Rehabilitation Pathway) provides patients with a tablet with built-in cellular and integrated biometric devices (pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuff, weight scale) that can connect clients virtually with their care providers. Patients are remotely monitored by a RCM clinician Monday-Friday from 9-5 pm. The clinician will provide health coaching to patients to enable self-management of chronic disease, in collaboration with their primary care provider.
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Other Programs

Physicians Accepting New Patients

Are you taking new patients? Scarborough has a high rate of unattached patients. Those mostly impacted are vulnerable populations. Patients that are unattached are at increased risk of poor health outcomes. SFPN is working on an initiative to improve access to local family doctors. If you would like to take new patients, please click here to complete a short survey to help us learn about your practice and get in touch with you.

Support to Increase Your Cancer-Screening Rate

Scarborough Family Physicians Network, Scarborough Ontario Health Team (SOHT) and OntarioMD are collaborating to provide support to physicians who are interested in participating in a quality improvement project to improve their cancer screening rates. This initiative is part of SOHT’s Collaborative Quality Improvement Plan aimed at dealing with the backlog for cancer screening in Scarborough.

If you are interested, please take 5 minutes to complete a few questions. The questions will help us learn about your practice and how we can get in touch with you.

The support will involve a 2-part workshop series by OMD and SFPN. The workshop will focus on practical tools that can be used in clinical practice to support your cancer screening goals. There will be a breakout session specific to your EMR for direct practical training. We will work with you and your team to review your data and track progress. You will also gain knowledge of Quality improvement tools that you can apply to other initiatives e.g. CPSO’s practice improvement plan. Ocean users will gain knowledge of how to use the system to send bulk messages to their patients to screen for cancer. The workshops are scheduled in January and March 2023.