Benefits of joining SFPN

  1. There is no cost to be a member
  2. Have your voice at the Scarborough Ontario Health Team table and play a pivotal role in shaping health care in Scarborough
  3. Be the first to hear about new programs & services to benefit your practice
  4. Connect with your peers, develop robust communications and build a strong community of practice
  5. SFPN provides a platform that prepares Scarborough physicians to deal with a health crisis such as a pandemic

Membership application

Get involved

If you are a family physician practicing or providing care to patients living in Scarborough and are interested in participating in working groups and specific initiatives of Scarborough Family Physicians Network or Scarborough Ontario Health Team, please complete the contact form below. Your contact information will be used to send important information and align your interests with possible opportunities when they arise.


A: Please refer to our By- Laws. The By-Laws guide our structures, operations, governance and membership.

A: There is no cost to become a member.

A: Joining Scarborough Family Physicians Network is completely voluntary but it is important for us to have everyone represented so we have a strong voice and mandate to co-design and shape healthcare in Scarborough for us and our patients.

A: Once you complete the application form, we will include you on our mailing list. We regularly share information about new initiatives and programs through our newsletter, website and Facebook.

A: No. Scarborough Family Physicians Network and Scarborough Ontario Health Team do not have jurisdiction over physician compensation, patient enrolment models or rosters.

A: Family physicians are a diverse group with different physician practices, perspectives, and pain points. If you have the vision, passion and time, you can join a working group or contact us.