Free Surge Season Supports for Scarborough Family Physician 

Scarborough Family Physician Network is working with its partners to support family physicians who have shortage of PPE or vaccine supply and/ need temporary nursing staff for their vaccination clinics. To help us understand your needs and for our planning, we ask that you please complete the short survey.
Scarborough Family Physicians Network

Scarborough Family Physicians Network represents approximately 700 family physicians with practices or patients in Scarborough and neighbouring communities. We are a unified voice of family physicians in Scarborough.

The Voice of Family Physicians in Scarborough

Thank you for your tireless efforts in caring for your patients in these difficult and changing times. The Scarborough Family Physicians Network board of directors continue to work in the background and on your behalf to contribute to the groundwork for our evolving Scarborough Ontario Health Team (OHT).


The eReferral team is seeking your help to identify specialists that you send most of your referrals to. This will enable the team reach out to those specialists to onboard them onto eReferral in order to help optimize your referral experience. Please complete the survey whether you use or do not use eReferral.

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Joining Scarborough Family Physicians Network is completely voluntary but it is important for us to have everyone represented so we have a strong voice and mandate to co-design and shape healthcare in Scarborough for us and our patients.